Sunday, 17 February 2008

Insomniac Double Whammy...

The Marbury CP Patch Yearlist this weekend saw Gregsy-la take a well deserved lead.Whilst presumeably sleepwalking he first finds a GREAT WHITE EGRET on Ashtons Flash at the ungodly hour of 7.20am (surely its still dark at this time).Then on Sunday at 7.05am...Yes 7.05am!!! he finds a SHORT-EARED OWL also on Ashtons.He must now be in church on his knees thanking the Almighty for his good fortune (jammy t**t).
Typically I'm out later in the day to retrace the steps of the 'gifted one' and yes you guessed bugger'all,and I still need that bloody mancky Mealy.Its tough at the top and its only February.

This posting brought to you by SKY SPORTS... cheer up Phil theres always the Premiership!!!

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