Wednesday, 30 April 2008


What an awesome week it all started early on Friday morning at the Yacht Club.I'd just found an Arctic Tern (no Spanish Inquisition for this one chaps...its real) and text the Insomniac.He duly arrived re-ticked said Tern for the year and we left for Neumann's.Luck had it that I'd parked near to the entrance gate so left first for the flashes.Reaching the mound view point on my first scan of the far muddy edge I found a patch mint condition easy to ID...


In my jubilant ecstatic cartwheeling air punching celebrations I'd stopped scanning and missed the second BWS stood ten feet away...dam and blast.Gregsy having now reached the mound viewpoint calmly pronounced ''theres two!!''.A first record for the patch...texts and phone calls were duly made (although someone forgot Statto in the panic...whoops!).

Also on show was a very elusive male Ruff and a singing Lesser Whitethroat (which I dipped).


Having sorted out the biggy Malc and I travelled over to Norfolk in the Pod mobile to join the gathered ensemble of Big Al,Mr Wolly,Chequebook Birder,Al gone North,Mike,Dan Pointthemout and Groucho.We pitched the marquee(oh yes we're camping!!!) at Deepdale and headed out towards Cley.Fun and games latter ensued after closing time at The Jolly Sailor...drinking games with a tube and funnel!!! (from Phils rugby passed no doubt)

Big Al shows the boys how to down a can of lager in 5 seconds ,Goucho pi**ed as a fart cheers him on.At 1a.m the campsite owner politely informs us our language is the worst hes ever heard (and hes from Nooooorrrrfffuk!) and tells us to go to we do.Its a windy old night under the canvas too much NOG me thinks.Next day its a Dotterel fest with 10 at Acle and 10+ on Sunady at Choseley.Wryneck and 3 Cranes at Waxham plus Hobby,Wood Lark on Kelling Heath.Dersingahm Bog provides 4+Goshawks!!! ,Tripit and Golden Pheasent nearby.

Trip list a very impressive 136.

Great weekend must do it again on Groucho's next stag do!

AS THE RUSSIANS SAY.....................MOSCOW!!!

And the mighty Reds duly oblige with a solid performance against Barcelona

eat my shorts Henry.Scholes's rocket propels us to yet another final and its Chelski godbless them with us for the ride.May the best team win.....

Also added this week Wheatear on Ashtons , Swift , Sedge Warbler , Lesser Throat and Cuckoo.
Another Insomniac attack produces 2Exocets with the still present Stilts early (of bloody course) Friday.Searching the mere cos they've already done one I find a crackin little female Whinchat (that stays all friggin day for all to grip) and a Yellow Wag..touche' insomniacs.
A trip to forgotten Moss Side adds - Whitethroat,Sedge,Swift and Garden Warbler.
Marbury CP YL 127
Moss Side YL 102
Cheshire YL 149
UK YL 167

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