Sunday, 20 April 2008


Spent all Sunday morning on the Wizzal,still part of Cheshire as far as us oldies are concerned (don't recognise the existance of Merseyside anyway) and it makes for bigger day/yearlists.
Talking of daylists shall be attempting the Birdwatch2008MayBigDay this year hence the mission to the 'handle of Cheshire'.
I.M.F provided the necessary padders but sad to see the EXOCETS have moved in (so long all other breeding birds) and look who follows the RSVP with notions of a 'Mega' reserve...more bloody Exocets yuk!! and invisible Bitterns.
Maybe they could bring some southerns up North like Woodlark , Stone Curlew , Dartford Warbler and Golden Oriole,would certainly boost a daylist what!

Birdwise I did hear a new in Sedge Warbler at IMF and enroute to Red Rocks called in somewhere near West Kirby to grip a skulking CATTLE EGRET a Cheshire tick noless for Pod (did see one at New Mills years ago but wrong side of the boundary according to the list police).
As for the rest of the day its top secret,too many goodies for Groucho's mob to know about.

Did a quick brownie point trip to Moss Side ie had Mum intow plus pooch walk.Nowt much except for a calling Lesser Spot ,god there easy.

**stop press**

10 WHIMBREL on Neumann's late evening...sorted.
Marbury CP YL 112

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