Monday, 19 May 2008


Since the birdrace all I've done is Patch.Its May and 'THE' time to be out and about cos just about anything can drop in.Playing catchup with Insomniac and Malc I managed to grip back Greenshank (no not a Woody Mr Gregory),waited all day at work before I could see the 3 Black Tern on the mere,3rd attempt at a Little Stint before scoring and rushed out of work(at dinner)to twitch Garganey (pair on No.1,gone the next day).

Late night Friday 16th had me racing down to the wader mecca for a cracking Barwit,a real patch goodie.But more was to come........

Arriving at Bund Hide earlyish Saturday morning I looked out to see an Adult KITTIWAKE stood in the water just off the spit.Phoned Gregs who was by chance also grilling said gull...''thats a ruddy Kittiwake init?''.....''sure is'' ,as we were talking I heard a Med Gull call and in flew 2 stonkin Adult Meds which landed 20yds from the Kitty which flew off just as the Hartford Pensioner arrived. ''f***,b*****,a***'' never lost for words poor old Vern dipped the Kitty saw the Meds then picked up a small flock of waders alighting on the spit.

2 Turnstone and a Dunlin.............what a five minutes!!

Sunday and Mr T,BT,Insomniac and I are huddled in Bund Hide at daft o'clock grilling a dodgy gull (Yellow leg maybe) I see a white blob fly in and land nearby........''SPOONBILL!!!'' I shout.........Mark (still looking at the gull) says ''yeah sure Pod'' he does'nt believe I can have so much luck.

''looks like a SPOONBILL to me''..............and it sure is,another patch tick after yesterdays t'other one.We should paint the 'Bund Hide' purple me thinks.

Last gripper of a seriously awesome weekend sees me looking at a tree covered in Bat boxes for the 5th time in as many days but this time whap one smarmy looking Spotted Flycatcher...oml.

Marbury CP YL 137

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