Saturday, 14 June 2008


Late last Friday the pager went 'mega' and typically for this time of the year its on those god forsaken inaccessible Jock Islands(unFair Isle),you know the ones its where 'chequebook' twitchers increase their lists while us mere mortals suffice with local patch padders...bitter me of course I bloody well am.
The bird in question a CITRIL FINCH being a potential 1st for UK (plastic status yet to be ruled upon).
I leave it hoping it will go over nite...NOT!!...its still there and remains for days.Unable to pay for a plane charter(£400+) I for once pull my finger out and after many phone calls sort out a boat charter via Lerwick.Putting the news on the pager I fill the boat in minutes (could of actually filled the Aberdeen ferry) the only problem is we're going to have to wait for the weekend.
The boy does one on Wednesday night (much to the delight of Malc whos now getting old in his ways and didn't want the hassle).A message on the pager Thursday comes from some dodgy 'pig farmer' on Fair Isle,she claims its still there (yes she!) but 14 hours of searching by the obs boys proves its done one...bugger! The words shit and pigs come to mind.
Us losers can only hope it never gets accepted and is stuck on the plastic list to rot.

To rub salt into the wound the good old BOU have just accepted the Western Isles Hoody...oh yes that one,the one I dipped...double bugger!

Patch quietish with returning Green Sandpiper on No.1 the latest addition,only 8 more togo then its world record time.

Marbury CP YL 142

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