Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sandpiper Fest

After a weekend away from the patch (oh yes! it does happen) a visit to the annoyingly too far to walk to in the morning before work No.1 pool or Haydn's if your a dude produced a superb count of 6 Green Sands plus one on nearby Witton Brook/ICI sewer confluence making 7 a year high sofar.Also gracing said pool were 2 Greenshanks and the last remaining LRP on the patch.
With the weather as it is (strong SWesterly winds and rain showers) we should be getting some goodies but the nearby magnets of Frodders and Sandbach are pinching the birds.Wood Sand,Curlew Sand and Spotty Red all so close...bugger!
With the x Landlord and Insomniac both away this weekend I need to grip something good,so fingers crossed.

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