Sunday, 20 July 2008


A claimed Wood Sand on the local patch had me scurrying along to No.1 tank (not hide) but all I could see was a hattrick of Greens and several young LRPs.Gregsy and his faithful muts appeared just intime to see the local fem.Peregrine make a half hearted swoop at one of the Lapwings and flush all the Woody!
Escaping the wrath of my Spouse and overnighting devil child sorry Nephew,Jack I picked up Groucho and we headed off to the Wizzal for a July!!!
Phil the 'Wooly' Wollen had already set up camp (see piccy) and stealing a chair from another Wizzal watcher I sent Groucho off to the local cafe for coffee and a sausage butty...sorted!

The wind had been blowing NWesterly force 5-7ish since Thursday (just ask the golfers up the coast at Birkdale) and thus an early 'Autumn' seawatch was a must do.This time of the year Stormies are sneaking past down through the Irish Sea so a good blowjob brings them closer.
  • The count (10.15am -1pm from Leasowe):-
  • 30+ Manx Shearwater
  • 4-6 Arctic Skua
  • 2 Bonxie
  • 2 Whimbrel
  • 2 Fulmar
  • 8+ Gannet
  • loads of passing waders Knot,Sanderling,Dunlin,Turnstone,Oycs
  • 10's of Common and Sandwich Terns(one probable Roseate??)

Not bad for a July Wizzal Watch what.We decided to head for New Brighton and the mouth of the Mersey and timed it just right to catch a lingering STORM PETREL battling its way out to sea, a Cheshire lifer for yours truly.Home James....

Cheshire Yearlist (not that I'm doing one)...182

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