Friday, 29 August 2008



The Autumn tick fest starts early this year.Typically after the wank,sorry bankholiday MEGA ALERT...goes off on Tuesday at work.Theres a Yanky doodle warbler on Cape theres another on Mizen Head...time to move me thinks!!! The humungus Atlantic low that hit over the weekend has dumped goodies on the Emerald Isle.Also nearby a Semi-P Sand.....what else is there?

True to form the 'A TEAM' act early and Podski and Fred are booked on the next flight to Cork.The 'B Team' are contemplating twitching a Baird's Sand!! in Cambridge...enough said.

Wednesday morning sees me and Fred join the gathered throng of Paddies on Three Castles Head near Mizen.

Several glimpses of a bright yellow passerine keep the ensemble interested then bang! out it pops and finally stunning views are obtained of this 4th for the Emerald Isle.....OML...NFI...SORTED! (and not a 'Scopac' insight,marvellous)

No.497 added to the list.

Incredibly as we're walking back to the hire car news comes through of a WATERTHRUSH sp and minutes later a SOLITARY SAND plus YELLOW WARBLER (still) on Clear...bugger me! well Fredski nearly did cos he needs em both.I drop Fred and two other dudes who cadged a lift with us from Cork Airport at Schull(ferry to Clear) the rest is history.Time for Podski (have i become a Chelski way dude) to head home and a celebratory sherbert or two in the executive lounge....

roll on Autumn....

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