Monday, 8 September 2008


After looking at the weather maps and seeing what was coming on the pager I decided late on Saturday night to venture over to the east coast and bird the Spurn area.Rising at the ungodly hour of 4a.m I blitzed it over the good old M62 and arrived at 7a.m ish.Not a sole was there and I had the Crown & Anchor pub carpark to myself.
First bird found a skulking Garden Warbler in the carpark elderberry trees.Walking down Easington Road towards the cafe I added Chiffy,Lesser Whitethroat,Sedge Warbler flyover Yellow Wag and a Roe Deer (probably not a migrant).
On reaching the beach I flushed a calling Tree Pipit that then played hide and seek before heading off south towards the point (the pipit not me) where there was a reported Icky.Did the canal bushes next and found a Pied Fly plus several Goldcrests.On scanning the Humber I picked up a distant raptor being mobbed by gulls,an OSPREY!!!

Calling over two locals (well they talked in a funny accent and had a CB radio) I pointed out the Ossy.''nice one mate''...''cheers''...''whats your name?''...''Pete Antrobus''...''I've heard of you''.Fame at last.

The dulcid tones of 'Mr Yorkshire' were then heard on the CB...wonder if he wants my autograph I thought, no. ''wuz that an Osprey you wuz on aboot cos I can't see the fecker!!!''..''its over the big blue oil tanker''...''wheres that?''...''on the humber you dickhead''...more local banter ensued till finally they'ed all managed to get on to it (thank god).The language was just like the Monty Python Four Yorkshiremen sketch....brilliant.
Shades of barsteward Spence later on when one of 'em chucked me out of the ringing enclosure...w***ers! if I find the mega you'll be the last to know sonny.
Nowt much seen after except for a trio of Lesser throats in one bushand the local Sparrowhawk. To the pub...

Later the same day I nipped into Frodders for the Grey Phalarope incredibly a Cheshire tick (253 CBOU).Stunning views only metres away till a bloody image gatherer decided his 10foot long lens was'nt close enough to the Phals nose,I left him chasing the bird up river...prat!

My feable attempt below,maybe I should get to FocalPoint and by a 10foot lens...not!

Time for a sharp exit and the papers agree...

Its my doppleganger again...oh feck!

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