Saturday, 18 October 2008


After this weekends Premiership feast of footy what can we decern from the results.

First up Chelski and their 'B' team take on the pathetic no hopers Muddlesboro...only one result and a boost to Big Phillis's goal diff (funny how this shite team always save their best performance for the REDS...bu****s) sooner they get relegated the better. 0-5 and Frank scores with his head, surely a collectors item.
Verdict...frightening, the team to chase.

Next we have a team refs take pity on and when their 1-2 down at home send off the opponents best player...several more dodgy decisions later plus extended time see them coming out on top just.Unfair yes but its a funny old game one of two halves...Brucey didn't get a bonus in this one and Heskey(god bless him remember last season) should stay put.

Verdict...lucky bunch of ***** but thats the way its been for decades, get your money on a bit of silverware robbed unjustly.

Does his Mummy know he's out...
According to FIFA..The best player ever to exist (stats wise)???

Thirdly we have Bagnall's bunch, a team that buys only two new players for the coming season and ones Mike Sylvester (ex REDS)...who just happens tobe a frog. Poor old Theo he must be spending all his wages on phrase books. Helped by our ageing French glogger they some how scramble a 3-1 win from the jaws of defeat, but hey it was Everton the team Vengers boys have collected more points against than anyone else in Premiership history (eat my shorts Statto).
Verdict...lucky and the bubble will burst.

And finally we come to the all conquering (last season+) REDS, an unconvincing start but as usually happens class, quality (that word again), and shear determination come to the for and as predicted here ROONSTER was the catalyst for a 4-0 thrashing of The Baggies (surely more as his first goal was one)...awesome and we even played Fletcher, O'Shea and a brazilian urchin to give'm a chance. out Phil we're after you, class will prevail.

The 'Berbel' has landed!

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