Saturday, 15 November 2008


An early Saturday raid up to Jockland sees the 'A'Team -Fred + Malc connect with an insurance tick in the shape of the much maligned fem. HOODED MERGANSER at Tayport Duck Pond. The Hoody performed well to the massed gallery never once venturing near enough to take bread and fed its self avidly (obviously hungry after its long transatlantic flight). The above photo proof its ring free although why its stabbed itself in the chest! I'll never know.
The team plus some old granny come to grips with a potential 4th or 5th or 6th ? for the UK.

Also present on the duck pond two purple!! Mallard, must be the Irn Bru in the water. With nowt else around and no close Waxwings we paid a brief visit to a wind swept Lower Largo before dashing back over the border and home. We now wait three years for the BBRC/BOU to accept the record or not.

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