Thursday, 8 January 2009


The Birds
Wed 7th Jan and I get a text from The Doc at ( Vernon fresh from his fareast travels has found a male Scaup on the mere. A good bird to get on the yearlist so early so with new hound (Mia)in tow I rush down to Bittern hide and start scanning. All the aquatic stuff is around the mouth of Kidbrook cos its the only non frozen part of Bud Mere. Vern turns up and delights in telling me about his bowel movements whilst out birding in Thailand...nice!
Nothing to see from here except a showy Water Rail under the bird table. I walk the mereside footpath all the way to the slipway where Malc turns up (with his faithful mut Denny). Theres 14 Pochard, 10+ Tufties,2 Wigeon,some Gadwall loads of Teal and Mallard plus 2 fem.Goldeneye but no sign of Vern's Scaup....bugger!
My pager then informs me theres a Spoonbill!!! at Moore NR...WHAT? Malc and I move seeing 22 Siskin on the way back to the car. I call Mike(Mr Moore) Mullholland but he knows nothing of it. Timing it really badly we arrive at Birchwood Pool,Moore NR as it starts to rain, the skies go grey, the light goes, the Glaucous+Iceland Gulls fly off, theres no sign of any big white jobby with a spatulate bill another bloody dip.
Sure enough to continue the bad day The World Champions B team are embarrassed by The Rams who I admit fully deserved their one goal triumph. Fergie I think more concerned with a certain Chelski at the weekend than going to Wembley...oh dear!
Watching the footy I discover that I'd inadvertently finished off the last of the Xmas beer the previous night. Footy without a beer in your hand is like birding with no bins...hopeless!

On a brighter note Patch YL - 69

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