Thursday, 29 January 2009


Well whilst you tax payers are filling my car with fuel (cheers by the way) I might as well make the most of it and get some serious yearlisting done. Having failed at the last hurdle in 2008 and not joined the Cheshire 200 Club this year due to Mr Brown's pathetic handling of the economy (got to blame someone and he's in charge...apparently?) I've got lots of spare time on me hands.

Several trips to the Wizzal have already produced two birds I dipped last year...Bewick Swan! and Neston Pipit (Water). Caught up with the long staying Twite at Heswall beach, usually a difficult County bird to get to grips with but these presumed Welsh imports are really tame when you can find them.
A good high tide roost come seawatch at Red Rocks added Red Throated Diver, Common Scoter, Brent Goose of the Pale-bellied variety, Grey Plover 100's, Sanderling, Turnstone (1) and Ringed Plover.
Moss Side is having a bunting/finch/sparrow fest by Tim's farm at Upper Moss Side (funny don't know where Lower Moss Side is? Rangers and place names eh!) with huge almost Internationally important numbers eg. 50+ Yellowhammer, 60+ Chaffinch, 30+ Greenfinch, 30+ Reed Bunting, 30-70? Tree Sparrow and of course the obligatory Willow Tit. Also just hanging in there before extinction prevails 2 Grey Partridge. Even better a lone male Brambling showed on the 24th incredibly the last one I saw at MS was 36 years ago...36 years!!! god I must be old.

So the scores sofar;-
PATCH YL (Marbury CP/Neumanns) - 83
OLD PATCH YL (Moss Side or to the newcomers Moore NR) - 65
UK - 118
theres a long way togo so watch this space cos you never know it could all end in tears yes you guessed I just might get a JOB!!!!!!

One extra thing Mr Skills Bills was right has always been right they are the best ROCK BAND (thats Rock not Heavy Metal like lead or whimps like Aerosmith) in the WORLD................

I thank you all for coming, catch u anon.

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Phil Woollen. said...

You only just cottoned on to AC/DC as the BEST? Where've you been! Theres a great tribute band that play the Beehive in Chester!

Good luck with the 200 & the job hunting.