Wednesday, 21 January 2009


To the Derby fan interviewed on SkySports who said ''if we beat Man U are we world champions''? well no sonny cos you didn't, you were thrashed by our 'C' team so put that in your pipe and smoke it dude! ''Wembley Wembley we're the famous Man United and we're going to Wembley (yet again for the 7th time in the League, Rumbelows, Toys R Us..whatever Cup) are you listening Merseyside.

Just heard the rumour some ethnic dude has scored a big job in America. He gets a big white house in Washington, free bullit proof courtesy car and a 747 (that would be handy for twitching although a bit difficult to land on unFair Isle what). I must have a word with Northwich Job Centre cos I never saw this one advertised.

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