Saturday, 7 February 2009


Ventured down to the Eastern Reedbed hide this morning to join the patient Boomer watchers and timed it just right. One of the possibly three Bitterns present showed its self at the edge of the reedbed and started sun bathing. After topping up its tan it walked out onto the ice did a few stretches only Bitterns can do, then flew off over the reeds to disappear into cover. I managed to capture some of its performance on video...

There was also the added bonus of 2 Ravens flying over, a male Sparrowhawk and a flushed Woodcock to add to the yearlist. Did a spell in Pumphouse hide but no sign of any white-winged gulls or the claimed Ring-billed seen Thursday (there was also a Red Kite around). Nowt much doin either at Birchwood, more Tip watchers than rare gulls. It looks like Sandbach has had its bird magnet on and is pinching Moss Sides gulls. The adult Caspo and maybe the Ring-billed have both been seen down there which probably means they're all flying over Marbury/Neumanns at some time cos its on a B line between the two places, interesting what!
Old Patch YL - 70ish


PeteK said...

" claimed Ring-billed"!!! check out the photo on Surfbirds or on `Another Place`.....a classic what!!!

Pete Antrobus said...

just jealous thats all Pete,been birding down there for years and still it eludes me. Big J goes down there one day and sees TWO its just not fair....roll on Spring.