Friday, 27 February 2009


At last after yonks of searching I've finally found a YELLOW LEGGED GULL and a proper adult job with 'yellow' legs (thats yellow Jason, its in the name). This cracker was at Pumphouse Flash this noon time with a host of other larus but no Caspos unfortunately. Whilst speaking to Groucho on the mobile I had a very odd small duck flyover towards Elton Hall Flash with dark green wings with a white blob on.....what the ??? and no it wasn't the Garganey. At EHF the flyover jobby turned out tobe a South American Ringed Teal (Maw Green fence hopper me thinks) still it did get the ticker racing for a nano second.

The South American duck resting , well it is a longway to fly from the southern hemisphere. Also on show at the bird tastic feeders by the viewing platform a pecker on the nuts..oohhhh!


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Jason said...

glad you got a photo i would have never believed you !