Tuesday, 14 April 2009


A very early start had me down South and stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 before 7.00am....bugger!! Great plans of mice and Pod. Arriving at a most dudey time of 9.00am I joined the Bunting dippers at Ashdown Forest and gave it half an hour but the 'Little' didn't show, probably due to the crowd of Sussex locals who were stood right where the Bunting showed yesterday....field craft my arse, this lot couldn't find an Exocet on an RSVP reserve even if it shit on their heads. One prat took much delight in pointing out a singing Tree Pipit nearby, excellent I thought a year tick until I took one look at it and told him its true ID a Woodlark (one of six plus singing in the vicinity).
To confirm the hopelessness of the gathered group I played a tape of Little Bunting calling as I stood 10 yards behind them....no one turned round.....time for a swift exit me thinks, more chance of finding the Pope! A Cuckoo calling by the carpark was a first for the year but scant reward for making the detour whilst delivering a car to Tunbridge Wells.
Next stop on my paid whistle stop tour of the South East - Pulborough (bit late for the Alpine Swift) via Brighton (I'm the only non gay in the county) and a very user friendly RSVP reserve. The sorted wench on reception gave me directions to the singing Nightingale (yes honestly and a society reserve to boot) she was spot on...whap! year tick and reserve tick also added Whitethroat (I did that one me self).
With my third different car of the day and a slight detour into Bedfordshire enroute home I gripped the four (thats all I could see) Tundra Bean Geese at Old Warden....nice! Got home just after Mr Lampard had ended Everton's neighbours chances of being humiliated by Barcelona......what a long day.

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