Tuesday, 14 July 2009


A trip down to Dorset gave me the chance to nip in and try and grip the Little Bittern that was still being reported from Walton Heath RSVP reserve. Arriving in the wee hours I walked along the famous Ham Wall to the required viewing spot, all sorts of noises and squeaks were being made by the various inhabitants of the vast reed bed complex. Non though sounded like a 'singing' Little Bittern although some of the local frogs did a good impression (could be the Somerset accent oooh-arrr). Nearly three hours later rather wet after several unpredicted (take note Metcheck) downpours I called it a day and headed south at 7.30am, I did manage to see 2 Hobby, several Kingfishers and hear lots of Cettis but scant consolation for my efforts really. On arriving at my first port of call for the day I checked the pager and yes you guessed the Little Blighter was seen at 9.05am....rats arse! as Mr Walters used to say.

A bittern free zone somewhere near Glastonbury. Not one to give up easily I called in en route north and spoke to the guy who'd seen the LB earlier. In a brief half hours bird spotting after breakfast no less he'd seen Great Bittern, Little Bittern! and Great White Egret!!....theres no justice in this world is there?. Hope and a nice sunny afternoon was still at hand so I high tailed it over to nearby Chew Valley Res. where the Fudge Duck was on show from Herriot's Bridge god bless it, whap! day saved and the list keeps on moving up wards. Tomoz I'm in Jockland so fingers crossed for something at Musselborough.

The Tor at Glastonbury from Hams Wall, picturesque what.

UK YL 227

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