Friday, 14 August 2009


As the 'A Team' prepares for life without their No.1 statistician..Jono (how on earth are we going to keep track of what we've seen and where and when and with whom and at what time and what we ate and drank etc etc) Le Fub, to his newly acquired garlic crunching pals, has already it seams got some guys interested in forming a twitching team..
Theres Le General who'll replace Gregsy because like a fine wine he's ageing, got an airport named after him(Gregs has two) and wears a Scopac. Larry White will fill in for Fred as both are tall, good looking babe magnets with big noses (well you know what they say about big feet)

Inspector Clouseau will attempt to replace moi as he's a cool, witty, likeable chap but thats enough of Peter Sellers and I don't wear driving gloves.

We wish Jono and his team well in the coming Autumnal months, hopefully he'll see some rarities through his bins rather than on a plate.

Moss Side update
A sojourn down the old stomping ground last night produced a calling Little Owl sat atop the north barn at Upper Moss Side.


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