Sunday, 9 August 2009


A call from Groucho (cheers mate) had me visiting the Weaver Bend for the first time in ages. A Curlew Sandpiper had joined the Dunlin flock and was showing well. After hacking my way through the jungle like vegetation along the so called path (I remember the days this path was like a motorway) Mia and I eventually made it to the old ICI tank (I remember the days this place was a Yanky wader hotspot) that looks over the bend. The sun was waning behind the picturesque chimneys of Jono's soon to be former work place thus wader ID was a little bit tricky. Not a Curlew Sand in sight but a good showing of 40+ Dunlin, 30+ Redshank, 7 Blackwit, 2 Common Sand plus various Gulls and Ducks in moult.

An interesting Dunlin did though catch my eye see above. Not as Buffy as a Buff breast or as white as an albino but somewhere in between, it certainly had a whitish rump?? just like a Curlew Sand wink wink! (I remember the days this place was awash with flocks of Curlew Sands). The bugs were out in force with Horse Flys, Midges etc biting me all over so we made a hasty retreat and I will certainly bring the Jungle Formula next time.

Sunset over the Bend


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