Monday, 28 September 2009


Having returned from my exploits with the Bare-faced Birders (Gregsy and I) in Laos and Thailand it was back to business with a twitch up North to Orkney and play catch up with of all people the bloody 'B' Team. Having suffered a bombardment of OML NFI texts during the past week whats left of the 'A' Team (Fred saw the 1991 job) plus Doc and Robbo (Sandbach's finest) caught the Pentland Ferry from Gill's Bay over to South Ronaldsway for Britain's third SANDHILL CRANE.
The beast of a boat makes the crossing in one hour...sorted! oh for such a vessel between Penzance and Scilly. No Albatrosses of Tufted Puffins!! on our crossing just a bacon bap and a coffee showing well or should I say going down well. We were first onto the island but nearly last to the bird, some dodgy pager directions and a wrong turn had ten cars all going down some deadend farm track whacky race style...wheres that camera crew when they want to film a twitch in action. We gave this MEGA! all of 5 minutes then jumped in the car and back onto the thats what I call The 'A' Team.

OML NFI..............SANDHILL CRANE....grip back!
BRITISH LIFE LIST 506 (if of course it gets accepted?)


Jason said...

Is that aerial photo from a plane or a hand glider, because i didnt see any blocks of flats !


Pete Antrobus said...