Friday, 16 October 2009


Early finish at work for once meant a flying visit to Neumann's was in order. Loads of waders on the exposed mud around Nf island - one juv Dunlin, 15 Golden Plover with the Lapwings but no transatlantic waifs unfortunately. Plenty of ducks in various stages of moult had one newcomer to Bund Hide scratching his head and wondering why non of the birds on show were in his field guide!! but at least he could ID the Mute Swans wink wink!
This beast was flushed by Mia (our faithful hound) from the undergrowth by the path and nearly came a cropper as it glided Capercaille like through the adjacent trees.
A southern sojourn around the M25 t'other day had me within spitting distance of a first for Surrey namely the Brown Shike that some lucky bar steward found on their local patch. So a quick dash across the Staines Moor meadow had me whapping my 3rd Browny for the UK (you never know it might get split, again?). This place was more Asia like than the Surrey field I had pictured with flocks of Ring-necked Parakeets squawking overhead, Little Egrets on the river and herds of wandering cattle (plus heaps of shit everywhere) it was definitely a reminder of India.
With no scope to hand I managed the naff shot below (through bins) and the even worse pale blob in a bush shot above. No Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards for me what! Still at least its OML.

UK YL 249

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