Sunday, 22 November 2009


No its not Man Utd just yet but THE COMBERBACH CASUALS...way back on the 9th of May we competed against Groucho's mob and the Sandbach Flashers in a Cheshire Daylist (see blog earlier) and scored 140...we won (we being Gregs, Malc, Fred and I). I'd also entered us in the national event run by Birdwatch Magazine known as the Big Day 2009.

Well as Cilla would say...surprise...surprise we bloodywell won the Big Day 2009 by the skin of our teeth. Remember chaps that reeling Gropper down at Moore well it proved to be the clincher and get us that extra tick to pip a team from Durham by one species.
Don't know why its taken them (Birdwatch mag) so long to produce the results but I'm not complaining...hopefully theres a bit of silverware winging its way towards Comberbach.

Not being one to brag (loud cough!!) but as you also know I entered the Sitewatch (Big Sit to you Americans) and with a crap score of 58 I managed to win that as well. I'm trying to find out who else if anybody actually entered this particular daylist. Another challenge for next May what?
If anyone out there knows someone in Cheshire with a helicopter or a fast speedboat or both The Casuals would be very interested, especially if there available next May.

Bring it on I say...


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