Sunday, 8 November 2009


Its that time of the year when Christmas is just round the corner the Autumn rarity season is over and theres geese and Arctic Swans coming in from Russia. Flock of 67 Pinkfeet over Neumann's this morning.

Being a good citizen I've got me 'nuts out' and brushed off the bird table ready for the winter garden bird fest. The House Sparrows that roost in the hedge we share with our neighbour are down to three but hopefully their numbers will pick up once word goes around theres food out. Along with the spuggies I counted one Wren and one Dunnock, truly riveting stuff. A calling Goldcrest two doors down stayed in its favoured Pine tree (do they like nuts?).

Up North near Norway it looks like our Shetland correspondent after finding yet another cracker on his local patch (Dusky Warbler) is heading south for a few weeks..must be missing the Manchester weather.

My garden Wren that could pass for a dude Dusky!...


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Jason said...

if it wasn't for work i wouldnt be back, glad i did tho cracking day out on saturday.