Wednesday, 2 December 2009

2010 'Le Hand' WORLD CUP

Here we go with one of the most eagerly anticipated Football World Cups for ages...unless of course you're Irish or a Sweaty Sock or even an egg chasing ex Coal Miner (bring on the referendum I say). By the way its Football not f'in soccer and yes you Yanks its a WORLD CUP just like you're 'World' Series Baseball....NOT!!! yes its for everyone dorks.

Prediction for ENGLAND'S group of death!!!!!!(not heard that before)

AUSTRALIA or even worse the f'in USA

IVORY COAST ....Drogba v Terry...nice! or URUGUAY?

PORTUGAL ...Ronny returns to inflict more agony, stay cool Roonster.
or FIFAS favorites FRANCE ....merde!

Can't wait so if theres anyone out there willing to sponsor me I'm quite up for doing a World Cup Blog whilst ticking off all those South African birds inbetween matches and sampling the fine wines along the way........bring it on as us Bare-faced Birders would say.


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