Friday, 16 April 2010


Take that Black Redstart Club
After missing my alarm call Thursday morning so no chance of checking the mere pre work, I arrived after work at maggot dangler car park and met up with Doc who'd just gripped the BLACK NECKED GREBE found by Insomniac Gregs in the morning near the Sailing Club!!. Gripping me further with a crackin piccy Doc went off to do his Sainsbury's shop..whoops!!

My luck was in as the BNG performed admirably and allowed the above stunning video as it raced across the mere chased by a feckin speedboat!!! I was about to return home when good old Doc rang to say ''Ian Barbers just had a CRANE fly over Haydn's heading towards Comberbach''.....fergel sharkey!!....oh my god!!....praise be to allah!!...PANIC!!!

I scanned the skies in a desperate search for this patch 1st...nowt....I leapt the fence and legged it up the field to gain some height. Malc rang ''you seen this Crane I've got it now over Comberbach''....more panic, my eyes were aching and my heart pounding as yes there it is....oh bugger a Buzzard....oh feck another Buzzard, I looked higher and there thermaling above my house probably? a flippin COMMON CRANE....whap-a-doodle-do OML....sorted. Thats my second one in Cheshire, previous one was at Shotton Aug 1986.

I quickly phoned Gregs to grip him off sorry I meant pass on the exciting news and he did a u-turn on the M56 but the CRANE drifted off westerly never to be seen again. I also phoned Tony and Enid who's house was directly under its flightpath but by the time Enid had packed the tripods and Tony assembled his video gear said Crane had done one.

Never mined there'll always be another...

Over the Heronry 5 House Martins were a year tick and they neatly brought up the 100 for the year. With the first WHIMBREL (2) on Ashton's late last night things are hotting up nicely.

(PS the Crane piccys not mine or the one over Comberbach)

MARBURY 2010 YEAR LIST - 101 (108 total)

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