Saturday, 29 May 2010


Of all the places in all the world this Northwest blocker turns up at Gulag Seaforth. With its ring of steel to keep out the great unwashed and birders too its chosen the one place to devalue itself. I'll not be going and will sit with fingers crossed that it does the decent thing and flys (escapes) south eastwards and lands on the Patch at Marbury/Neumann's...nice!
As for Dumpville well the best thing one could do is fill it in and build a new dole office on top.
Materials for such a project are close to hand as with the rapid decline of Everton's neighbours their ground should be knocked down (they could ground share with Tranmere) and used as ballast. Messrs Hicks, Gillette and Benitez have done such a sterling job that if theres any players left by next season (Gerralds off to Real and Tossers off to somewhere blue) they'll be fighting relegation with Blackpool and West Brom if their lucky.

...real time update (crossing fingers worked, touch wood) Saturday 09:06am the Plovers done one...come south please.

I also managed due to a serious bout of apathy to miss the Bluethroat that graced the Wizzal, another Cheshire tick goes begging. Ah well c'est la vie as Le Fub would say.


Jason said...

Don't mince your words.

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