Monday, 14 June 2010


Like the fastest cake on the Patch...Scone!
Frantic excitement on Saturday morning just gone when some dude photographer walks into the Rangers hut and asks ''do you get many Dippers here?''. Hilly leaps into action and calls over to me as I'm about to partake in my morning Patch Latte (large)...theres a DIPPER !!!in Big Wood. Latte forgotten we race across the park and start searching the stream that flows out of Budworth Mere and through Big Wood. Paul to his credit spots the boy first and it zooms off down stream before I can focus my bins on it...feck!! Malc arrives and we continue down stream but not a sausage. I retrace my steps and moments later relocate the little fecker doing what it says on the tin...dipping under water to feed...whap! OML.
A third patch record after Vern's blocker (now unblocked) in 1979 and the first in 1904!! (Mr Coward maybe?)
Its last seen flying upstream towards the mere, never to be seen again and most of the patch regulars Dipped! oh dear. A nice gripper for me after dipping the Black Redstart in early Spring...what next?

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