Tuesday, 17 August 2010


A welcome addition to the British Life List and a bit of a grip back to boot (excuse the pun!).
This very obliging SYKE'S WARBLER showed well for the gathered few at Druridge Bay Country Park up in'th North East like. An early Booted type these days usually means its one of these boys now a fully upgraded species...sorted.
Thats number 509 for UK, 468 for England and 677 for the WesternPal.

The crowd on its first full day as a Syke's (it was a Booted sp yesterday) and oh yes none the next cos it did one over night...shame!

The stunning beach at Druridge and not a Geordie in sight as their all getting bevvied up ready for the big match with the glorious Red Devils of Manchester...what was the score Mr Ashley?

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