Monday, 27 September 2010


Saturday and I'm doing my weekend chores prior to sitting down and watching the footy. I've just started hoovering the stairs when...weeeeeeeeeee!! MEGA ALERT!! goes off...headless chicken mode then ensues as I rush around looking for my pager. Doh! its in my pocket (must be getting old or deaf or both) phone to see who's available...Gregsy is in Singapore, Freds at Chester zoo (Bagnalling no doubt!), Malc and Al are way up North, Phils at a wedding later and Groucho is shopping!! give up calling and no one else rings so offski I go on me tod.

The job in question one of those Epidonax Yanky Flycatcher things on of all places Blakeney Point...oh bugger!...four hours later I arrive in the Comberbach Chugabug (my jallopy)and join the other discarded vehicles along the road to Coastguards car park at Cley. Its grim, a howling force 9 Northwesterly gale in your face with rain and coming the other way back from Blakeney Point (3 miles away) smug faced birders having gripped the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher!!! oh yes a potential WesternPal 1st........until sense prevailed and it got re-ID'd as an ALDER/WILLOW type thing.

Imagine the piccy above with the lights out...I dipped by 20 minutes apparently, despite my sterling efforts at shingle jogging (god I hate this walk, com'on sea wash it away please).

The cause of all the excitement one Alder/Willow Flycatcher (piccy by Knobski) soon to have a huge write up and centrefold spread in Norfolk World where it will tell one and all why its different from the Cornish jobby so we can all have two ticks...god bless'em.

Next day after a nice B&B care of Mr & Mrs Knobski (cheers Mike and Ginny) I waited at Morston and caught the ferry over too Hell Point at 10am, strolled over to the plantation and whapped the little Yanky fecker!...legged it back to the ferry and was on terra firma quicker than Roonster in a brothel.
With now constant rain on the east coast and especially Norfolk ,eastern wind blown goodies were dropping out of the sky plus loads of tasty seabirdy types were resting from the gale force the superb duo of Red necked and Grey Phalaropes togeather on Kelling Quags pool.

A first time experience for Pod, these happy fellows would sure look nice on the Patch what?


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