Sunday, 5 September 2010


With the Insomniac 1 down in Devon gripping back the House Finch (about time too) and over night rain on the Patch well there was only one place to be wasn't there...Neumann's early doors.
Pulling into the layby the t'other regulars were already on site, don't these guys have homes to go to and lawns to mow? Anyway fate had it that I nipped into Bund Hide (Mr T and Sid Ashton) saw the flock of 3 Curlew Sandpiper heard what we thought to be a fly over Green Sandpiper then moved on towards Haydn's.
Phone call from Mark ''Pod, think we've just had a Spotted Redshank fly in...its landed below the Mound''. Timing just right I find a gap in the hedge set up scope and see one juvenile Spot Red wading in Mound Bay...sorted...text the Patch crew and RBA. Long way to Devon what?
Also present the juv Golden Plover (still had to treble check it for American GP) well the Patch is having a purple period what?
With Patchers appearing from all directions a male Sparrowhawk decided to land near the spit and you guessed the Spot Red did one...oh dear!

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Moore Patcher said...

Damnn and blast... 132?! How come all the waders drop in at yours and seem to bypass mine :) Stuck on 128 and NOTHING new wader wise is happening...