Saturday, 16 October 2010


It was with utter trepidation that I set off South...yes South to the land of Tin Mines, Cider, dodgy sea watchers and feckin suppressors...Cornwall. With a bloody HERMIT THRUSH (or two?) doing the business on godforsaken Barra..otherwise known as Inaccessible Island, I looked forward to a weeks bird finding in pasty land. With Wifey and pooch in tow I was committed to at least show some interest (bugger me, a grip back goes feckin begging cest' la vie) after a MEGA ALERT !!! filled past week I was praying things would move South West...please.

First stop the day after we got there (Monday) and its a migrant fest in Kelynack near St.Just.

A very unWryneck like Wryneck showed fabulously well to the gathered dudes plus Debs and I, what a cracker. Black Redstart, Redstart, Pied Fly and a superb calling Yellow Browed Warbler added to a great first days sortie. But clear skies and nights, hot barmy sunny days with almost June like weather sent every potential blocker straight on through. Hence the rest of the week turned into a pasty and cider tasting session (nice!)

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