Friday, 31 December 2010


Party on ex Bt Dave as right at the death he turns up yet another patch year tick. Not only has the lone Whooper Swan down at Dark Lane increased to 8 but they've been joined by a Bewick's as well. Cheers for the phone call Dave and the following 30 minutes of ''is it really a Bewick's''...''looks good''...''mmm well I'm not quite sure not'' (professional my arse). Whilst we deliberated we watched a male Peregrine dive bombing a perched Buzzard...cracking stuff who needs SpringWatch when the local patch provides such avian delights.
The lone Bewick or Tundra Swan if you're that way inclined.(its the one on the left, honest)

Also present was one of our Antipodean Blackies obviously in a sulk post Ashes bashing.
A phenomenon me thinks 4 species of Swan together in Cheshire if not the UK.


Moore Patcher said...

Congrats matey on a splendid year list (!) and 4 swan species together to boot. Ended the year five behind you and never quite managed the 140. T'was the appalling lack of patch Bittern that finally finished me. Clock now reset and 2011 beckons :)

Podster said...

Touche mon ami better luck next year when 150+ is the target over here.
Happy New Year.