Monday, 7 February 2011


As Brucey would say ''good game...good game'', lets play spot the Shorelark. Theres at least one there somewhere honest! This could be the worst photo I've ever taken.

Got an invite over to Stukey(Stiffkey) for the weekend (cheers J and J), so packed the wife and doggy in the car and of we ventured eastwards. Dawn found us (good girl) wandering the coast in search of Rough-legged Buteos and geese, oh yes just when you thought Pod could not get enough in Lancashire he's filling his boots over in wind blown Norfolk. First up the c.150 Euro White-fronted Geese at Holkham Fresh Marsh with a stray!!! Barnacle attached (see its not just Marbury that gets'em) Thence onwards to Ticwell and its new super duper space age hide.

Bit naff inside what with its wind down shutters (glass) and twirly seats. No bog! but some curious local stone effect walls just right for having a slash behind (not that I did honest!)
There was a decent bird on show but try as I might the ruddy wind and light were both awful, so a blurry shot was all I managed of the wintering Water Pipit. At least you can see the crucial ID features on it.

Nearby this cracking winter plum Spotty Red was most obliging.

Scored some nice year ticks (not that I'm year listing heaven forbid)...
Rough legged Buzzard at Holkham marsh
Velvet Scoter off Ticwell
Ross's Goose!!! near Burnham Norton
Yank Wigeon off the East Bank, Cley
an English...Northern Harrier from Ticwell
thats all for now folks...ttfn

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