Friday, 18 March 2011


Down on the local patch (thats Marbury Country Park/Neumann's and Ashton's Flashes and Anderton CP plus everywhere inbetween...if you didn't know already) things are hotting up nicely, the weather for one, the Year List Challenge (Patch and Garden) and the birds. We've already passed the 100 mark without any Spring migrants being added to the total, which currently stands at 104. Of the Spring jobbies to arrive theres been Chiffy 4+ and a good size flock of Sand Martins 26+.
Some winter stuff is still knocking about, 'Boris' the Bittern shows really well most days especially when you're not looking for him. A great selection of wildfowl most recent addition two drake Common Scoters (guess who?) and 'Barney' the Barnacle made an appearance yesterday just when I was away in deepest Mid-Wales Red Kite counting.
A welcome sight was the Kingfisher showing awesomely well from Bittern Hide this afternoon. The harsh winter hasn't been kind to them and I've yet to see two together.

Both above phone scoped hence the shaking video and rather vignetted piccy. (how many cameras have you got Pod!).

From further afield I managed to catch up with one of the Snow Buntings at Kinmel Bay...not that I'm doing a year list that is but I'll try and give Doc and Robbo a run for their money (Irelands in the UK is it not?)

UK (not Ireland) - 163


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