Saturday, 2 April 2011


Harnser by the Mere (Pod gets arty).

Couple of days down in deepest Wales this week and typically I didn't take my camera cos Metcheck predicted naff weather especially overcast skies. So what happens I find a pair of Mandarin that show there t*ts off and even better a stop at the roadside to scan for Goshawk and theres a pair of Xbills performing like Yanky waders on St.Mary's Golf Course (no Gos though).

A phone-binned piccy of a nice drake Mandarin at a secret location in deepest Wales. With not much to do in the evening one had to partake in several of the local brews (well it would be rude not to)...
first up a canine tasting hair of the dog cider

and to see me to sleep a cracker from Cardiff Brewey Brains...

and may your god go with you.


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