Monday, 2 May 2011


It was with daunting excitement (or was that dread) that we set off on our ascent of the UK's highest mountain. After scaling Scafell Pike yesterday I was surprisingly feeling non the worse for my exursions and stocked up with extra energy bars confident I could bag the big bugger.

100m from the summit, I'm in a cloud wet freezing trudging through snow but the ends in sight.
Its taken me 2.5hrs an hour longer than up Scafell Pike with the same bloody outcome at the top...viewless. A quick photo session, turn round and head back asap.

Passing Mr Fit (still coming up) and the two mini huskies then Jane further down I broke the cloud layer after two hours descent my legs now aching in places I never had places. Another hour and I reached base camp by Ben Nevis Visitor Centre where Debs whisked me off for a hot bath and hot chocolate...saved!

Thats my climbing career over with (sod your Wainwrights and Monroe bagging) think I'll stick to birding and beer tasting.


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