Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Some mostly Southerners I bet, say its grim up North. Well feast your eyes on this splendid vista my friends what an awesome view and rather nice piccy if I say so myself. Standing on the North end shore of Crummock Water, Cumbria looking south towards the lofty peaks of Red Pike and High Stile (couple more Wainwrights for the Gregsy's to climb) this could be coming to a 2012 calender near you soon.
Main reason I was here (in between surveys honest boss) was to year tick that getting most elusive warbler...namely Wood Warbler. And I did so with relative ease seeing and hearing one by the footpath to the lake plus another trilling nearby.
Coming to the end of May now and the year list is falling way behind pack leaders (sorry u don't count Dan) Doc and Robbo, who seem to be dysoning every new migrant/rarity etc with consummate ease. So what better way to cheer myself up than with a visit to a local Cumbrian hostelry just down the road from Crummock at Loweswater. The Kirkstile Inn (nothing to do with Starship Enterprise captains by the way) provided the necessary liquid pick me up...

Bit of an odd picture actually if you're a Real Ale fan you'd suss it immediately.
Beer in the glass is actually Grasmoor Dark Ale and not Loweswater Gold which of course is a golden brown colour to be sure. Bloody nice pint though in a crackin pub with delightful food...whats that about a year list?

On the way home next day I passed this sign on the M6



Jason said...

Whats this..... A new post some 3 days after the biggest match of your season and not even a mention also no photos from your 'parade'? Shame on you.

Podster said...

I'll be parading the patch trophy probably end of 2012 (Gregs for 2011 me think)

results oh yeah 0-0 and 2-1 and the number 19 seems to ring a bell