Saturday, 14 May 2011


Whilst rumaging around in Big Wood for Greg's Spotty Fly I came across another thus saving ages of neck breaking searching . My next Spot Fly (on the patch) will probably be this time next year in Big Wood again...funny old game this year listing.
Out and about this past week up in deepest Cumbria so called in at Bassenthwaite for the 'regular' RSVP Ospreys. Once I'd climbed (surely a Gregsy Wainwright walk) upto the required viewpoint one of the watchers informed me ''oh you can'y see the Ospreys from here'' !! what? ''they've built a new nest somewhere else''...

well I did a bit of stealthing and hey presto one nest, incredibly viewed from the nearby main road past the lake...sshhhhh!

the male Osprey phonescoped hence the poor quality but hey its free

Next day its over to YoOORRRRrkshire!!! and to the sound of twangging banjos...d d ding ding ding ding ding ...ding ding! to carryout a breeding bird survey. Bizarrely I found this wee chap...

Young Ozzy (new breeding species for Yorkshire what)

 Sunset over Neumann's


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