Friday, 23 September 2011


Oh dear me what a pity the 'long staying' Temminck's Stint that metamorphosised into a Long-toed Stint did a runner t'other day. Dashing the hopes of all those potential grip backers. Never mind they'll always be another as Ellesmere Ports finest always says. To rub salt into the wound even further heres a piccy of the last twitchable one way back in 1982 at Saltholme Pools, Cleveland. Seen the day after I'd just ticked Britain's first Little Whimbrel in South Wales...

Photograph by Ian Kimber one of my first twitching buddies.

Those reservoirs of East Sussex also provided me with another rather nice tick in the shape of my first ever Blackpoll Warbler seen in December 1994 at Bewl Bridge Res.

What a nice pair of blasts from the past eh! chaps. Fingers crossed this Autumn will hopefully provide some more goodies that I can grip back on some of you old timers such as...Yellow Browed Bunting, Black-billed Cuckoo and not to mention my biggest most easy yet to be seen Lancy.

Roll on Shetland...

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