Friday, 28 October 2011


Day.3 Oct 6th

A day on the big island of Mainland and straight into action with a showy Little Bunting feeding on the road to Geosetter.

Not the best (but neither am I) the wet windy westerly gale not helping the viewing conditions. Another look at the Citrine Wag at Fleck Farm for the other image gatherers in the group. Funny how the bigger the lens the nearer one has to be and yes they successfully flushed it once again...field craft my arse! but there again not as bad as Shetland's infamous paparazzi 'The Huge Waldrop' his lens is so big he sticks it up the birds rectum (well nearly). Enough ranting and on with the tour...
At Levenswick we find 2 Yellow broweds in the garden where the Izzy Shrike had been yesterday...ouch! dip. Are'nt they just great little critters, you know its serious Autumn when these little gems appear.

The shike or another one like it, or maybe one completely different then turned up at the farm overlooking Loch Hillwell so off we ventured. Arriving just before the Shetland paparazzi I had great views of this newly in Daurian Shrike and imaged gathered like a gooden.

A wander round the world famous Quendale Mill produced 20 Twite, Pied Fly and 3 Siskin over plus a rather nice cup of tea.
Day.4 Oct 7th
Still on the big island the team crammed into the MPV and headed north for Collafirth to spend an hour looking for the RBF that had obviously done one over night. Kergord Woods produced bugger all just lots of continental Blackbirds and a few Crests. The team then split up, apathy already setting in with a few of the squad. I keep telling them ''if you don't buy a ticket you won't win the lottery'' or find the biggy. So off I go with Phil and Groucho for a bit of bird finding. A walk out to the sand bay at Quendale provides a Shetland tick in the shape of 2 Little Gulls but unfortunately no sign of the reported Sab's Gull. Wandering back passed the mill I can see a harrier perched on the wall of one of the houses that overlook Loch Hillwell....oh you beauty! its the slightly oiled (fulmar puke) juv Pallid Harrier. It flies off up the field and lands on another wall..

Birders appear from all directions as the news filters out. Down by the road theres a flock of distant Golden Plovers rumaging around one of the sheep fields and with them one newly found (not by us) 
American Golden Plover...sorted!

no AGP piccy so heres a rainbow instead...could be a Mega at the end?

A little bit of a live action as Pod and The 'B' Team near Loch of Hillwell. Mr Wizzal at the wheel, Groucho co pilot.

and thats it for another thrilling installment...more to come (if i can b arsed)

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