Wednesday, 16 November 2011


What better way to enhance ones list than join the growing trend of 'splitting' as is the case for the 'Eastern' Black Redstart that's performing superbly to a constant stream of insurance tick birders down on the beach at Margate, Kent. Easy to pop along too if you're a bleedin' Southerner but a bit of a trek for us Northerners.
I asked the question why? and got some half decent answers on Birdforum so joined the works team (+ LeDonis) and off we headed down south. God its a bloody long way to Margate, almost 2000 miles and you can whiff the pong of garlic from across the Channel once there, its so EU. For going the urge to have a peak at Margate's other more bizarre residents namely the Rose-ringed Parakeets (last year ticked in the epic 2006 Big Year) we made our way to Walpole Bay home for now to this 'potential' 1st for UK (if split and subsequently accepted of course). It showed stupidly well, down to 2m at one point. Hence for once I think I managed some decent piccys....

Twitch on...

Comberbach Paparazzi in action

News just in there's a Veery on the island of Muck thank heavens I saw the Lundy one.

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