Sunday, 27 November 2011


Out for a stroll with pooch intow. For a change from the regular patch (can't be finding the potential record breakers more ammunition what) I ventured down to Moss Side or Moore Nature Reserve as its now called.

The view over Lapwing Lane Pool from my Dad's seat, Mia the pooch collecting firewood godbless her.
Down by the River Mersey the tide was out and from Norton Marsh Hide I could see a distant Little Egret. Ten years ago this would have been a mega find but now its just another heron going about its buisness, still though they do have that novelty factor. Very windy conditions (not me I hast'en to add) kept alot of stuff grounded and the hoped for Short-eared Owl(s) didn't perform. Theres 5 out there somewhere. One Tree Sparrow on the feeders but no Yellowhammers showed how windy it was, hence no stunning photos (cough!).

It was a long way off so suppose I should say Egret sp. you just never know these days.
From the hide on Lapwing Lane t'other old patch heron was just a bit nearer...

Met up with Moore Nature Reserve's finest patcher namely Mike Mullholland who's on 129 for the year (140 being the holy grail for Moss Side) so it looks like Marbury has done Moore once again, and it all starts again soon yipeeeeeeee!

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