Thursday, 29 December 2011


A day out to Norfolk with Groucho (now a car driver!!) and Robbo from Sandbach was not a hard decision to make, so off we set towards Buckenham in the Yare valley in search of rare geese. Arriving just after the regular flock of Taiga Bean Geese with a now tickable! Lesser White-fronted Goose intow had just flown was a bit of a blow, so we did a bit of wider area searching to no avail and headed to the North coast.
At Cley the very long staying Western Sandpiper was easily seen from Dauke's Hide within minutes of arriving. A welcome addition to my England List now on 475. A little bugger to get a piccy of though...

Bag of shite piccy wise but at least I saw it. We then legged it along the coast to Ticwell and got to grips with the rather showy Coues' Arctic Redpoll in with the Mealy/Lesser flock by the info centre. Typically the pager bleeped and the Lesser Whitefront was back at Buckenham Marshes with the Taiga Bean Geese.
Swapping the boy racer with an ex professional we made awesome time as we raced back across Norfolk to Buckenham only to be beaten by the fading light...bugger maybe next year.
Forgot to mention the 'grot goose' that was wandering round with the Canada Geese at Bucks, a Red breasted/Brent hybrid thingy?? yuk!

home Groucho...

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