Monday, 23 January 2012


Called in at Weld Rd, Birkdale (on route for a McBacon) just on the off chance the 2nd winter Glaucous Gull might be on show and low and behold there it was in all its buffy white splendour.

On the nearby roundabout a flock of 'Ivory Gulls' were sheltering from the strong NW winds.

Funny no news of them on Dudeguides!
On the Lancs mosses I searched in vain for the lone (now 2!!)Tundra Bean Goose in amongst the usual 4500+ Pinkies but not a sausage or a Tunny.

Probably best of the day though was a flock of 71 yes that's 71 Corn Buntings rummaging in a stubble field.
A fantastic flock, no wonder theres none on the Patch they're all up in Lancs.


As for the Patch well now.....

Par for the course at this early time of the year would see one on 78 +/- 5, so being on 82 is nowt special. I've missed the two blockers so far Gregsy's Little Owl and Greg's Merlin, maybe a chance later in the year for Little Owl but Merlin bugger me more chance of Dave putting his list on FocalPoint. Still you never say never in birding cos anything can happen especially the unexpected, take the World Record breaking Black throated Diver last years at the death Mega that did the business for Greg and removed the trophy (my precious) from its rightful owner.

Footy wise the Champions go marching on as Arsene fecks up yet again...

and the noisy neighbours have really put their foot in it

What a feckin prat Bert o'chelli is....

ta ra


Pete Kinsella said...

Nice shots Pete.Thats actually the 1st winter ( or juv to be precise) Glauc you`ve got there.The 2nd winter thats hanging around has got little in the way of this birds vermiculations , being very pale with the hint of a few grey feathers coming through on the mantle.Also a paler iris and an obvious pale bill tip.
Great stuff with the Corn Buntings!

Podster said...

Cheers Pete, I bow to your Garneresk knowledge. You've got me worried now I know some Gull Guru is vetting my blog. Still its a learning curve as they say, pity after 40 yrs I'm still at the bottom of it...bugger!!
Do us all a favour and find that Black tailed Gull on Moore Tip..

Pete Kinsella said...

No worries Pete, if Gulls were easy I wouldn`t look at them!
Wow, a Black-tailed Gull would be rather nice wouldn`t it? I reckon Richmond Bank is due a mega Gull, not sure how often the Gulls at Moore NR are being checked this winter.That Mr.Woollen fella might get the big one at Gowy though!!

Podster said...

Fat chance of that, he's into clamping wayward Cheshire migrants out on that Cheshire Cape Clear.
But I think you're definitely right, if Ireland wasn't there we'd be knee deep in Yanky Larus.
keep up the good work, especially the education of us mere mortals.

Phil Woollen. said...

I wish - Cheshire vagrants? Thought that referred to your good self Pod. Been doing a bit of gulling at Gowy but its hard getting close enough to the birds unless they decide to roost close to the road. Get out of the car and they're gone.