Saturday, 7 January 2012


A trip out to Cheshire's newest premier league reserve today with Groucho and Mr Wizzal in search of geese.
Well I must say what a fine job the good old RSPB have done in creating what could potentially (bird wise) be a  hot spot in the reserve starved North West. With its awesome trio of welcoming totty how could any birder pass up the chance of adding something 'new' to his or her list. Groucho below scans the wetlands for rare geese and year ticks...

Just round the back and over the fence the required flock of geese were grazing and in amongst them
 2 Tundra Bean Geese a new Cheshire bird for yours truly (263). The flock also contained 55+ Eurasian White-fronts, Barnacle, Greylag, Canada and hybrid Canada/Greylag...nice! Down the road another flock of geese held 400+ Pinkies, 3 Barnacle and 8 EWFronts storming stuff, we'll soon be out doing Norfolk for rare geese that would save some birding fuel what.
In the finest tradition of 'Celebration Shots' Groucho went a bit OTT with his rather daring display...

ARSE!! (Paynus shows his anus)

turn the other cheek boy

The Tundra Bean Goose showing well to the gathered Cheshire elite
Could be a tough one for the CHAOS Committee me thinks?

UK 2012 YEAR LIST - 98

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