Sunday, 4 March 2012


Down at the bank on Saturday morning with the professionals (Mr K and Mr T) and Winnington's finest Mr Bedford. Just timed it too late to see an adult Caspian Gull that flew off down river before I got there...typical. Did though get pretty good views of two Iceland Gulls, one 1st winter and one 2nd. Attempted to string an adult YLG but was informed of my folly by the professionals as said bird was actually a pale legged argentatus Herring Gull...its a learning curve cest la vie. My excuse was the weather, the predicted overcast sky and little wind which is ideal for gulling didn't materialize we got bright sunshine instead, not good for assessing mantle colouration etc. Still Dave came up with the goods when he located a 1st winter Caspo that showed briefly on Richmond Bank before flying off 'up' river (probably onto the tip). It looked like this fellow from the bible...

During our vigil we witnessed a most bizarre event, three dudes in a dingy attempting to sail up river right past Richmond Bank...plonkers!!

Maybe it was the guys from Frontier Birding doing a reccae trip for the forth coming gull emporium? Looks like the guy in red is using the typical hand signals for ''it was this big, honest''. If the three plonkers had turned round they might of seen one of the Iceland Gulls before they flushed everything. Three hazy, bleached shots of the two photoshoping, just the real deal which shows the brightness of the sun/glare.

cheers chaps


Jason said...

How long we're you there? No news on 1w casp til now and first of the winter.

Podster said...

It was only on show for less than 5 minutes b4 departing towards the tip/up river.