Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Had the chance to nip into Hatfield Moors NNR, South Yorkshire this week and timed it right with the weather as well to see two of its specialities.

One quickly disappearing into the bracken GRASS SNAKE a world tick for me. One shot is all I managed and unfortunately it was the wrong end of this awesome reptile. All was not lost though as just around the corner its venomous neighbour was catching the suns rays...

The rear end of an ADDER

and the front end.

T'other reason to be at Hatfield was for a rather special visitor the Red necked Grebe thats took up semi residence on Ten Acre Lake and shows very well to its regular army of image gatherers.

what with Brimstone, Orange-Tip and Peacock Butterflies zapping about the place as well I never knew dear old Yorkshire could be so good.

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