Saturday, 28 April 2012


Dam and blast what a flippin waste of time this week when I ventured along to Warrington's answer to an ecopark. Designed for the 9 to 5 birdspotter this fenced peat bog does unbelievably get some birds from time to time. A couple of Common Cranes had decided (god only knows why) to flyover the Risley Remand Centre like battlements and rummage about in its acidic pools. The local spotters sort of put the news out but as I arrived unbeknown to me and several of Manchester's finest the buggers ( the Cranes that is) had already done one back to neighbouring Chat Moss. Still Grizzly's spotters...

were Adam Ant they were still out there lurking behind the shrubbery just out of sight... knob-heads!!

The only Cranes at Grizzly Risley...

and you wonder where Cheshire gets its string-along reputation from...doh!

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