Monday, 9 April 2012


Just like Bubba above the cream always rises to the top and so it is with the Premiership. As the contenders approach the last few fairways its United who lead by 8 shots. With six holes to play it looks an up hill struggle for the Noisy Neighbours who it seems are already self imploding.

Just like bottler Westwood the Blues started off great, even leading the pack for a while before fading away when the going got tough.

Mancini has spoke to his caddy and already his favourite no.45 iron is for sale on Ebay. The last three holes have been a nightmare for the Bluenoses - pars at Stoke and Sunderland then a bogey away at Arsenal. Whilst the Reds from tee to green have been impeccable - a birdie at Fulham and an eagle at Blackburn followed by a somewhat lucky (swings and roundabouts) eagle at home to QPR, has seen the reigning Champions pile on the pressure at the top of the leaderboard.

Time to get measured for that 20th green jacket Sir Alex.


willybob said...

Nice one Pod, I was a bit worried for a while, but (fingers crossed)looks like they are going to come through. By the way next time your passing Penrith call in for a coffee or somut.
All the best Gordon.

Ash said...

Would love to moan, but really crackin write up mate. Notice no photo of your offside peno though!

Podster said...

True but could not find one on google, at least I admitted it was lucky.
6 games to go...squeaky bum time!!!